SKIP of New York


SKIP of New York is a leader in advocacy, protecting the rights of medically fragile children and children with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Please, see below our Adocacy News/Alerts.

We challenge agencies and their staff who do not follow federal Medicaid rules, delay or deny services, or make up rules of their own without following established regulatory procedures.

We participate in several work groups to reform and facilitate access to services.

We notify families of upcoming changes to programs that will affect them.

Our Fear Hearing Coordinator represent families at Fair Hearings when services are denied.

TAKE ACTION – Call or write to your elected legislators




New York State Budget – CDPAP – March 2019 – Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal unleashed an unprecedented attack on seniors and the disabled, repealing the state’s popular and successful Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) program and replacing it with a watered-down version that will eliminate over 550 fiscal intermediaries across the state for no reason, slash funds for non-PA wages for those FIs that remain by over 500%, and begin the process of shifting to one entity for the entire state that will run the program with all the warmth and heart of your local cable company. Read more…

Disability Rights Advocates class action lawsuit against the New York City Department of Education, alleging violations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and other anti-discrimination laws on behalf of a class of students with disabilities who attend school in the Bronx and are being denied legally-mandated special education services. The attorney’s representing the class of students are seeking access to student records. A copy of the Notice of Potential Disclosure of Student Records may be found here. This notice may apply to you if you are a current or former student, or parent of a student who had an Individualized Education Program prepared by the New York City Department of Education between August 1st, 2016 and February 22nd, 2019. If you or your child fit this profile, please take the opportunity to read the notice material regarding the potential disclosure of you or your child’s educational records. Read more…

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