SKIP of New York

Family Education & Training (FET)

Family Education & Training (FET) are small workshops designed to provide SKIP families with the information they need to make informed decisions about the care of their children, and to acquaint them with service alternatives. By attending FET workshops on an annual basis, families ensure their eligibility for programs such as the Home & Community-Based Services Waiver (HCBS).

Please remember:

  • Workshop attendance is limited to only 8 families so Register Now!
  • Families can register for multiple sessions but must give their order of preference.
  • Only one parent must attend, but more than one parent may attend. (Other family members cannot attend in place of a parent unless they are the legal guardian.)
  • A confirmation letter will be mailed to you and a reminder call will be given.
  • If you need to cancel, please give 48 hours’ notice so that we may offer the seat to another family from that session’s waiting list. It is your responsibility to reschedule.

There are four ways to register for the workshops:

  1. Register via email by sending your workshop requests to
  2. Fax the registration form to 212-268-2183 or -3678
  3. Call HCBS Administration at 212-268-5999 ext 123
  4. Mail the completed registration form to SKIP of New York

2016 Fall/Winter Training Sessions & Registration Form

It is important to know that FET is an HCBS Waiver service that requires annual participation. Therefore you must attend one training session per year in order to remain eligible for the FET program. If FET is your child’s only HCBS Waiver service that maintains your child’s eligibility for Medicaid, failure to participate is an annual training session may result in the loss of access to Medicaid.

If you cannot attend a training session in our office, you must inform us immediately! As you know, we are only able to provide training sessions at our SKIP of New York office, located in the neighborhood of Chelsea in the borough of Manhattan. If it is impossible for your family to travel into Manhattan for a training, please contact your Service Coordinator immediately. Please do not wait until the last minute. You have the option of transferring the training services to another agency that is more conveniently located to your home. However, this transfer may take months to complete, so please start the process early.

Alternate FET Locations

A note on bringing your child to a FET Session.
We understand that, in some cases, you must bring your child to a FET session. If you do choose to bring your child along to the session, please be aware that some topics may not be appropriate for young children. Additionally, in some cases, other parents may feel uncomfortable sharing with the group in front of a child. Please use discretion in deciding whether or not it’s appropriate to bring your child with you.

In the case that you do bring your child, consider bringing toys, books, etc with you to distract your child. It will be a boring 2 hours for them!

If your child becomes disruptive, please remove them from the room until they are ready to sit quietly.

A note on transportation and parking.
SKIP of New York is located in Chelsea, Manhattan at 601 West 26th Street, between 11th & 12th Avenues.

The office is accessible via #1/C/E trains to West 23rd Street. Then take the M23 bus heading to Chelsea Piers. Get off at 11th Avenue. It will be a 3 block walk to West 26th Street. This is about a 15-20 minute walk from the trains.

Parking in Manhattan is very expensive. If you choose to do so there are several parking garages located in the area.